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Quality and Safety

ISO 9001 Quality Kitemark

This international standard promotes the adoption of a process approach when developing, implementing and improving the effectiveness of a quality management system to enhance customer satisfaction by meeting customer requirements. Marcol Fabrications can and do demonstrate their ability to consistently provide products that meet customer and applicable regulatory requirements.

Quality Objectives

Our objectives are to adopt a quality system which will not only improve the quality, skills and communications for our personnel, but will enable us to perform to the potential expected by our customers.

With communication being a key issue in running successful systems, all personnel within Marcol will be encouraged to discuss improvements which affect their work; therefore ensuring the systems implemented are continually improved, offering the quality and service which customers require.

Build relationships with our suppliers in a way which they understand our product requirements, service and quality required of them.

Work with all personnel within Marcol to establish clear objectives as to what the customers expect from them as individuals and the company as a whole.

Quality Policy

By working with our quality assurance system and our procedures will ensure our managers/employees can produce the quality of work expected of them, both by the company and their customers.

By using the planning and reviewing procedures on customers’ orders; this will help in identifying any possible delays in deliveries, or possible manufacturing concerns, as this will high light at the early stages problems which could occur later in the manufacture, keeping down unnecessary fabrication costs.

With a clear understanding of our customer requirements, from the start, along with a strict preferred supplier list and procurement controls in the workplace we will ensure orders are completed on time, on budget and to customers’ exact requirements.

By having regular discussions with our customers/mangers/employees/suppliers regarding the workability/benefits of the quality system will allow Marcol to improve on any of its systems.


All our fabricators hold the following cards:

Health and Safety

Marcol Fabrications are committed to the implementation and practice of Health and Safety. In addition to our own Health and Safety Policy, which details levels of responsibility and the procedures that are in place for the factory, Marcol are particularly vigilant when operating on customers sites. Full attention is paid to customers’ own Health and Safety rules and regulations. Where site induction is necessary, Marcol welcome this and ensure all employees attend and understand the induction training. Where site work is involved, prior to work commencing, a site survey is undertaken which includes conducting and preparing risk assessments. The result of the assessments leads to Method Statements being prepared and issued to both the customer and to those employees who will be involved in the contract on site. These Method Statements identify the work to be carried out, the possible hazards that may be encountered, the safe system of work to be adopted and the personal protective equipment that must be utilized. On a regular basis the site supervisor will carry out toolbox talks with all staff ensuring they are kept up to date with any changes to the work/environment, in which they are working. All our fabricators/installers hold the “Construction Skills Certification Scheme Construction Related Occupation Card” and the “Client/Contractor National Safety Group Safety Passport”, many at supervisor level. They also hold a number of other qualifications to enable them to carry out the task of the work presented to them.

Policy Statement

In accordance with the Health and Safety At Work Act 1974

The Employer is committed to providing for the health, safety and welfare of all employees and to maintaining standards at least equal to the best practice in the business sector. The Employer will observe the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and all relevant regulations and codes of practice made under it from time to time. The Employer will take into account any recommendations made by the Health and Safety Executive with regard to health and safety issues and where appropriate will liase with the Health and Safety Executive on particular health and safety issue which are of particular relevance. This commitment to health and safety is a management responsibility equivalent to that of any other management function. It will be the duty of the managers and owners to ensure that the policy is upheld at all times and to provide the necessary funds and manpower needed. The Employer will conduct its business in such a way as to ensure, so far as it is reasonably practicable, that persons not in its employment who may be affected are not exposed to risks to their health and safety. Where such risks exists information will be provided and all reasonable steps will be taken to bring this to the attention of its employees. In addition the Company undertakes to comply with such Health and Safety regulations that are in operation on Customers premises.

The Company Directors are responsible for ensuring that the Policy is observed and effective and that persons employed are adequately trained.

Directors and employees alike are responsible for working in a safe manner and to have regard for the safety of others.

Colin Vye—Director

Mark Godfrey—Director

Date: 30th September 2005

Employer’s Responsibilities

(a) Assessing the risk to the health and safety of employees and others who may be affected and identifying what measures are needed to comply with its health and safety obligations.

(b) Providing and maintaining locations, equipment, protective clothing and systems of work that are safe and without risks to health.

(c) Ensuring that all necessary safety devices are installed and maintained on equipment.

(d) Providing information, instruction, training and supervision in safe working methods and procedures.

(e) Providing and maintaining a healthy and safe place of work and providing a means of access therefrom.

(f) Promoting the co-operation of employees to ensure safe and healthy conditions and systems of work by discussion and effective joint consultation.

(g) Establishing emergency procedures as required.

(h) Monitoring and reviewing the management of health and safety at work.

(i) Keeping this safety policy under review and making any revision it deems necessary from time to time. All such revisions will be brought to the attention of the employees.

(j) Ensuring the effectiveness of the Health and Safety policy and procedures.

They are also responsible for ensuring that persons in their employment are familiar with the policies and procedures applicable both within the Company and on Customers’ premises.

Employees’ Responsibilities

Employees are required to comply with the Health and Safety Policy of Marcol Fabrications (Plastics) Ltd and with those laid down by Marcol Customers while on their premises. The above policy need the full co-operation of all employees who are expected to give all possible assistance aimed at its successful implementation, to take care for their own safety and that of others. In order to achieve this end, every employee must:

(a) Comply with any safety instructions and directions issued by the Employer.

(b) Take reasonable care for their health and safety and the health and safety of other persons (e.g. other employees, contractors, workmen, etc...) who may be affected by your acts or omissions at work, by observing safety rules which are applicable to you.

(c) Co-operate with the Employer to ensure that the aims of the health and safety policy statement are achieved and any duty or requirement imposed on the company by or under any of the relevant statutory provisions is complied with.

(d) Report and co-operate in the investigation of all accidents or incidents that have led to or may lead to injury.

(e) Use equipment or protective clothing provided in accordance with the training you have received.

(f) Report any potential risk or hazard or malfunction of equipment to the appropriate authority.

Any failure by an employee to comply with any aspect of the Employer's health and safety procedures, rules or duties specifically assigned to the employee with regard to health and safety will be regarded by the Employer as misconduct which will be dealt with under the terms of the Disciplinary Procedure. Although the final level of responsibility for ensuring health and safety at work lies with the managing director and each and every individual employee, certain members of management and staff have specific responsibilities to ensure that the Employer’s health and safety policy is maintained at all times. The allocation of responsibility within the business for health and safety matters is as follows:

Systems and Procedures

Risk Assessments

The Company undertakes to conduct risk assessments and to record the main findings of such assessments. Action is taken as appropriate. Repeat assessments will be undertaken where material changes in equipment utilised or method of operation occurs. Assessments are conducted by either of the health and safety manager or by the utilisation of outside resources.

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)

Where materials of a hazardous nature are utilised the Company will ensure that adequate information and instruction is available for the storage, utilisation and disposal of such materials. Containers will be clearly marked and details for First Aid and emergency procedures will be displayed. Personal protective equipment will be made available where necessary.


In accordance with the Electrical Regulations all electrical equipment is tested periodically. Portable appliances are identified, registered and tested on a pre-determined frequency. Records are retained in a 'Portable appliance' register held at the Company offices at Unit 10, Southfield Trading Estate, Nailsea, Bristol, BS48 1JJ. All electrical equipment utilised on Customers’ premises is rated at 110 volts.

Machine Guarding

The Company uses a variety of machine tools that require guarding. All persons utilizing such machines are responsible for ensuring that the guarding systems are fixed before starting the machines. All employees are responsible for ensuring that guards are available and adequate to provide a satisfactory degree of protection.

Ladders and Scaffolding

From time to time and particularly when on “site” work it is necessary to use access aids such as ladders or scaffolding. All persons using such equipment will have been trained in correct methods and will be aware of requirements such as ladder tying and stand offs, scaffold assembly and bracing etc.

The Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurences Regulations (RIDDOR)

The Company is aware of the reporting regulations and maintains copies of form F 2508 (rev 12/88).

There is an accident book, which complies with the data protection act 1998. Marcol also has Investigation Forms, which are completed for each reported accident.

First Aid

A first aid box is available on the Company premises. The box contains First Aid equipment as recommended, an instruction sheet and the accident book. First Aid boxes are also retained in the company vehicles.

Environmental Control

While the Company activities do not create environmental problems there is nevertheless, recognition of the need to protect the environment. Off-cuts and waste material are therefore disposed of by placing in skips, which are removed by authorized disposal companies. Hazardous materials are controlled as detailed under COSHH.

Fire and Evacuation

Fire and Evacuation procedures are displayed in the reception area, the operation manager’s office, the tearoom, the office stair landing and the workshop. In addition to the specific items referred to in this policy all persons employed by or acting on behalf on Marcol Fabrications are required to maintain their working place in a clean and tidy condition and to ensure that waste is disposed of in containers. This applies to activities on Customer premises as well as on the Companies own site.