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What do we do?


We are specialists in Polyprop Homo/Copolymer, PVC, PVDF, ABS HDPE, CPVC and Air line and can advise on the best and most suitable pipe system for your particular application. We specialise in installing all types of chemical resistant plastic pipe-work and can advise on current standards and legislation governing the distribution of hazardous substances. We can also manufacture non-standard pipe and fittings, if required. We use up-to-date welding technology to carry out all types of pipe welding, whether it is heat socket welded/butt fusion/infrared welding.

We are able to offer solutions using COOL-FIT ABS Pre-insulated—a complete system solution for cooling applications. Further information about COOL-FIT ABS solutions will be available shortly. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us for information or advice.

We have a large number of suppliers from which large discounts can be obtained and passed onto you. Anything not in stock or off the shelf can easily be sourced and delivered anywhere in the country.


We offer a full design service for outline schemes, detail drawings, and specification. This can include materials, manufacture, methods of installation and conformity to appropriate standards.

We will work closely with you, providing continued feedback and improvements throughout the design stage of a project.

Our trained and experienced engineers are on hand to visit you at your place of work or on site, whether it is a simple pipe installation or a detailed and complicated manufacturing project.


We can work from drawings submitted by you for manufacture, or produce our own working drawings. With over 30 years of experience you can be sure that we provide a high level of quality and workmanship throughout the project. We monitor projects throughout the manufacturing process and conduct end-product quality reviews.

More clients are looking to have their equipment skid mounted prior to being delivered to site, which reduces the on-site labour costs and keeps the pipe-work in a neat, tidy fashion. We can produce general arrangement drawings for approval from something as simple as a flow process diagram. Once approved, the skids are manufactured, valves installed, tagged and all pipe-work pressure tested, long before coming to site. We can produce a fully-welded construction guaranteeing a virtually indestructible join that will not rust or decay. The product is non-destructively tested before it leaves the workshop; test certification is available on request. Building equipment this way can offer savings of at least 80% of the on-site installation cost.


We have qualified and skilled engineers working at our factory and on site. Fully equipped installation teams will go where needed to install our fabricated assemblies. Adaptable and resourceful, they are equipped to travel through the UK and abroad. All our staff are fully qualified for the tasks undertaken and will be trained to comply with our method statements for site work. Any specific site requirements will be incorporated into documentation specifically issued by project.

Health and safety is paramount to Marcol. We ensure that all our employees are fully trained in any equipment they use, where necessary sending them on external courses to obtain recognised qualifications. In addition, our fabricators/installers are holders of the EUSR National Water Hygiene Card—previously known as the “Blue Card”, the CITB Construction Skills Certification Scheme Operative Card and the ECITB Client/Contractor National Safety Group Safety Passport, many of them at supervisor level.

Modifications, service and repairs

During a project you may need to make changes or improvements. Installations require routine maintenance to ensure continued operation and safety for the operator. Routine maintenance can highlight a number of potential hazards that should be addressed before a problem arises; damaged or broken components must be repaired or replaced.

Marcol can respond immediately—usually within 24hrs—to get you up and running with minimal downtime. We can provide a visual inspection along with a written report.

Examples of our work

Caustic dosing cabinet

Caustic dosing cabinet

Homopolymer, fully-welded, weather-proof dosing cabinets, with internal segregation, like this, are now being widely used where concentrated acids are being pumped around the site. The cabinet contains instruments and valves, maintaining secondary containment around the equipment and protecting operators and the environment from spraying acid should a valve, fitting, pipe or pump fail. The segregation inside the cabinet is supplied on duty and standby units so that when the duty pump fails and the standby cuts in, maintenance can be carried out on the duty pump without fear of the operator being splashed with chemicals; this keeps the down time to zero. With all instruments, valves and pumps secondary contained within the cabinet, running secondary contained pipe-work is simplified as there are no valves in line which need to be accessed, keeping a fully-contained system up to delivery/dosing point.

This system is space saving and practical, locating all instruments and valves together inside the cabinet rather than having pipe-work all over a new site, making the site look untidy.

Ducting/ scrubber systems

Packed scrubber tower

With ever-increasing attention on environmental issues, in particular atmospheric pollution, it has become an essential requirement to clean fumes before discharging to the atmosphere. We design and manufacture scrubbers and mist eliminators for almost any application. A packed-tower unit with a once-through water-drenching spray system may be sufficient to scrub and clean fume produced from decanting.

Scrubber installation

Procedures and operations that involve continuous use will require a larger unit that would normally include a water re-circulation pump, an extraction fan, a chemical dosing system and a waste-water treatment or effluent system.

PVC Exhaust stacks

A typical fume-extraction system may include a number of workstations, lip extractors, canopy hoods or fume cabinets all connected to a plastic ducting system which conveys the fumes to a high-velocity discharge stack by way of a centrifugal or axial fan. Purpose-made ducting and extraction systems are an important element where environmental issues are of concern. We can install and supply any part of a fume extraction system. We have highly-skilled plastic-fabrication site engineers specialising in fabricating and installing extraction systems. They are able to work in a wide range of materials, designed to suit all applications. Our trained engineers use the latest welding technology that allows for on-site fabrication and insertion of volume control dampers, valves, regulators, bends and sets together with a variety of support brackets and hangers to accommodate site-specific needs.

Process description of a scrubber

H2S Packed-tower scrubber

The gases from the capture area are captured by the extraction system and suction generated by the extraction fan. The fan then passes the gases through the scrubbing system. From the low-level side inlet to the scrubber, the gases will move vertically upwards through a layer of packing. This will consist of a packing support tray and a depth of “snowflake” type packing elements.

Above the packing, the scrubber liquor is introduced at an even and constant rate over the full cross section of the column. The liquor passes downwards, counter-current to the gas stream to the integral sump, located in the bottom of the scrubber vessel. Within the layer of packing, the gaseous contaminants are absorbed into the liquid phase and removed from the gas stream. The large gas/liquid contact surface area provided by the packing elements, aids this process. Within this section the various compounds will be removed.

Provision is made for a pH probe for the measurements of the liquor acidity, in order to maintain the re-circulation liquor at the optimum chemical condition for scrubbing the gases. The optimum conditions will be maintained by dosing the sump liquor with chemicals.

From the packing, the gases exit the column through a mist eliminator. Free droplets of water will be removed from the gas stream by impacting on the collection elements, chevrons. The collected moisture will coalesce into a sheet of liquid that will drain freely back into the scrubber vessel. The gases will then exit to atmosphere via the scrubber stack.

The scrubber is fabricated from PVC with all joints being thermally welded and spark tested. The scrubber is then glass-fibre reinforced. The internal items, support tray, packing, mist-eliminators, etc., will be fabricated in Polypropylene.

The scrubber is supplied as a complete unit with the following items on a “stand-alone” skid, manufactured from mild steel galvanised channel:

A full detailed and comprehensive operation and maintenance manual would be supplied with the above piece of plant.

Machine guarding

Machine guard

Operator safety is provided by means of a tough polycarbonate material. The pictures show an example of the type of guarding required by law for operator safety, providing optical clarity and high impact strength. The transparent shatterproof guards are the ideal protective measure. They can be bonded, bent, welded and machined, and will provide years of protection and low maintenance.



We can advise on the most suitable pipe system for your particular application. We specialise in installing all types of chemical-resistant plastic pipe-work, including PVC, ABS, PVDF, Polypropylene, HDPE, etc, We can advise on the current standards and legislation governing the distribution of hazardous substances. We can also manufacture non-standard pipe and fittings, if required. We specialise in welding plastic pipe-work using up-to-date welding technology such as heat-socket welded/butt fusion/infrared welding.

Tanks and bunds/ bulk storage

Storage tanks

Tank installations vary according to our clients needs. Mini bulk-storage tank installations are an ideal solution for smaller storage requirements and reduce the need for small expensive carboys. The larger industrial bulk-storage tanks will accommodate larger deliveries for major distribution depots and process plants.

We have the complete package to suit your needs for a liquid-handling system.

The next time you do your COSHH risk assessment you might consider the advantages of a bunded bulk storage system; an inexpensive and simple solution for chemical storage. We offer purpose-made polyethylene tanks suitable for a variety of chemicals including Sodium Hypochlorite, Hydrochloric Acid, Caustic Soda, Hydrofluoric Acid, potable water and many other substances. If you have any doubt about your requirements please contact us for free advice and information.